The Baddest Lyrics Joey BadaSS ft. Diddy

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The Baddest Lyrics Joey BadaSS


The Baddest Lyrics Joey BadaSS

Song:– The Baddest

Singer:– Joey Bada$$

Album:– 2000 (Deluxe)

Producer:– McClenney & Erick the Architect

Written:– Diddy, El DeBarge, Erick the Architect, Joey Bada$$, Bunny DeBarge, McClenney & Randy DeBarge

Label:– Cinematic Music Group, Columbia Records & Pro Era

The Baddest Lyrics Joey BadaSS ft. Diddy

You ain’t know how to play the piano, did you, nigga?
Can you say New York City?
Now as we proceed to give you what you need
Bad boy, ladies and gentlemen
(And I say New York City)
I’d like to introduce to you
You know, it’s a vibe
He is
So he the baddest motherfucker in town

[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$]
I can tell you five years off ’cause my shit is timeless
My core got my back so I’m standing on my promise
These niggas only backed by they label, they all spineless
I’m backed by popular demand and on that timing
I’m popped out, 2012, y’all wasn’t outside then
Ten years later, tell me why y’all still hiding
Niggas know who greater, fuck your favorite, I’m the greatest
They never could degrade us and I did it with no major, I
I made a lane for niggas by going my own way
I paved the way for a lot of these rappers you see today
So act like you know, bitch, I’ve been had the flow, penetrating souls
Who the best emcees? Kenny, Joey, and Cole
The holy trinity, it’s that nine-fives in affinity
Energy knowing when I’m gone and forever remember me
So show me love when I’m still in the vicinity (Real love)
And show no sympathy for niggas who be moving finicky

Ooh, and I like it (Can you say New York City?)
Ooh, and I like it (Can you say New York City?)
Ooh, and I like it (Can you say New York City?)
Ooh, and I like it (Can you say New York City?)

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
It’s been a minute and I still kick a style with no gimmicks
Took some time off, now we back in this (We back)
What, you niggas thought I was finished? I’m offended
I’m just getting replenished, emcees getting diminished when I’m in attendance
Get finished like a sentence, period
Never is my light dimming, my shine is serious, a born star
These other niggas ain’t on par, who wanna spar?
I got war scars, two ARs and four SCARs
Line on my waist like a corsage ’cause I tote [?]
These small-town niggas ain’t tryna see us going far
Word to Khaled, yo, they hate to see you winning
They wanna see your life ending
Lights out, striking out in my knife [?]
Wiped out, they wonder how I just stay grinning (Let’s go)
‘Cause we came a long way since the beginning
Everything iced out ’cause this how I’m living (Come on, yeah, bad boy)

Ooh, and I like it (Can you say New York City?)
Ooh, and I like it (Can you say New York City?)
Ooh, and I like it (Can you say New York City?)
Ooh, and I like it (Can you say New York City?)

Come on
The baddest stay down, always, from beginning to end
You know what I’m saying
Just get back to being who we are, you know what I’m saying
Like the baddest
Take that

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