I’m a hairdresser & there’s 4 issues I’d by no means do – & why you need to shampoo your hair THREE occasions

A PROFESSIONAL hairdresser has revealed the 4 issues she’d by no means do as a result of they’ll destroy your wholesome locks.

The hair guru, who’s from the UK and posts beneath the acronym @Girlfrombrumtown_new, took to TikTok and shared an informative video the place she begins: “The very first thing I’d by no means do is shampoo only one time – all the time two and if the hair is stuffed with product, probably even three.”


A hairdresser has detailed the 4 issues she’d by no means do to her locksCredit: Tiktok/@girlfrombrumtown_newAmong the expert's top tips included shampooing your hair at least twice


Among the skilled’s high suggestions included shampooing your hair at the least twiceCredit: Tiktok/@girlfrombrumtown_new

She continues: “It’s crucial as a result of the primary shampoo solely removes the skin air pollution from the hair.”

“The second and third shampoo really washes and cleanses the scalp.”

Next, the hairdresser advises social media customers cease utilizing shampoo with silicone in.

“I do know that we will not all afford salon-branded shampoo and conditioner however in case you use one thing with out silicone in, at the least you are making a begin,” she explains.

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“I feel it is vital to grasp why….whenever you’re questioning why your hair retains getting greasy and dry, then greasy and dry, it is as a result of the hair is coated in silicone.”

So any shampoo that you simply attempt to wash your hair with it is kind of bouncing again and the conditioner is not going into the hair and into the scalp, and is not moisturising the hair.”

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She then goes on to induce individuals to by no means go to mattress with moist hair.

“Constantly going to mattress in your pillow with damp hair creates mould spores in your pillow,” she explains.

“And I do not learn about you however I do not suppose individuals recurrently wash their precise pillow. Basically, you’d want to switch it usually to cease you inhaling mould recurrently.”

The hair skilled provides: “I do not suppose individuals really realise you’ll be able to develop mould spores in your hair strand.”

Not simply that as effectively however going to mattress along with your hair moist and up really causes lots of breakage to the hair as a result of your hair is most susceptible when it is moist.”

Last however not least, she advises: “Never ever straighten or model damp hair.”

This is essential…If you hear a sizzle, you’ve got simply created a burn. You’ve simply blistered the hair and sadly, hair does not heal.”

Unless you chop it off that hair is without end useless and broken. Over-dry it quite than model it whereas damp.”

The publish has since garnered a powerful 97,000 views and acquired many feedback from social media customers.

“I noticed one other hairdresser do that development and also you actually each mentioned the identical factor,” wrote one.

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A second admitted: “Oh wow I am going to mattress with hair moist each time I wash it…mould spores.”

A 3rd added: “Shouldn’t over dry the hair this could trigger breakage but additionally utilizing COLD water when rinsing the conditioner closes the cuticles and locks it in.”


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